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Crowd manipulation : the educated fool

The educated fool is certainly one of the articles that I will take the most pleasure to write because it is very close to my heart as I have had several of them on my way. And it helps to understand the general apathy of the population as to what is happening today. 

So to avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to make it clear that there is no bitterness on my part, this sarcastic article is written in the form of black humour and I would like to make it clear that I am not making any generalizations. Not everyone who is professionally successful is necessarily an educated fool, I would like to point out that. 

The difference between these two categories is that some will step back and question their learning, while others will simply drink the words they are taught and repeat them like mindless parrots.

The educated fool, as the name suggests, is educated and often has a good general knowledge. He has generally studied for a number of years, was often top of his class, and has what is called a comfortable material situation. However, he is unable to shake his convictions and certainties from childhood and to really think for himself, he has been assisted all his life by a mode of conduct inculcated by people he takes as an example, because he has been told that they are respectable people who also represent a model of success.

The educated fool has often been formatted at a very young age as to the fundamental values of intelligence. He has been told from his earliest childhood that all rules must be obeyed as long as they are put in place by the government, because the government works for the common good. He was also taught that to “stay intelligent” he had to be informed by reading the newspapers The Telegraph, The Guardians, The times…etc. (I am inviting all readers to take a look at this article I wrote on the mainstream media.) to read about this author, to watch his program…

It has been explained to him that if he wants to be a socialist, he should rather “orient himself” to the left, that it is better perceived from a humanitarian point of view. He has been also told that if he wants to earn money and succeed, it is better to “orient” to the right, because the capitalist system pays better and those who go to the left are rather middle class, even poor…

He has been also told to press the remote control on his television and watch BBC News, Sky News…etc if he wants to be protected from the disinformation propagated by evil extremists.

He is also taught that doing a maximum of years of study guarantees him to be intelligent, to have money and all other material comforts, but above all, to be an exceptional being.

The idea that those who may be in charge of all countries may not have the priority of not protecting him does not even cross his mind. But after all, he is an exceptional person, who would want to harm him? When he succeeds as a doctor or a lawyer, for example, he is put on a pedestal via the media, so he is obviously a hard worker who has scrupulously respected every piece of information he has been given to get from point A to point B: he has read a lot of books that have explained to him, for example, that only science is the true future of humanity, and his teachers have also told him this during his 10 years of study, so it must be true.

As a perfect student/soldier, the fact that the media is kept on a leash by only a small handful of globalist billionaires seems normal to him, and the conflicts of interest of his colleagues at times is also normal, because he believes that they are also exceptional beings who deserve all that money from the laboratories.

The fact that the media can lie or withhold information is unthinkable to him because he has always been taught the opposite and if this is what he has studied, it must be true. He has always been taught that other sources are wrong. Anything that goes outside the mainstream media line is necessarily false, hence the fact-checking that he loves to proudly bring out during a debate, like a gospel… during which he is always convinced that he is right, because he is an exceptional person, who often has a good financial situation with years of study under his belt, so he is necessarily more intelligent and clever than the average person. He has always scrupulously respected and applied to the smallest details what he was taught, as a good executor that he is.

He is even more intelligent than the politicians he considers incapable. The idea that their ‘inability’ to handle certain events is cleverly orchestrated does not even occur to him.

During the Covid, all the liberticidal and authoritarian measures that infantilised the whole population, he did not take them personally. He thinks it was necessary because the people are stupid, undisciplined and need a strict framework.

Chance is also an essential point for him:

– Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, who died in August 2019, a few months before Covid, who told anyone who wanted to hear that this method was ineffective in detecting viruses (oh yes, am I stupid several fact-checkers denied this information… The famous fact-checkers whose lawyer Philippe Prigent said about them: “Fact-checking is a bit like Pinnochio coming to give you a lesson in honesty.”). Simple chance…

– The simulation of a Covid pandemic in October 2019, the famous “Event 201” that took place in New York where the media gave exactly the same fear speech as a few weeks later… through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation… the famous misanthrope, sorry philanthropist (so presented by the handful of billionaires who rule the media) close to the pedocriminal Jeffrey Epstein and main shareholder of the world’s media who never stop defending him and praising him (One never bites the hand of the one who feeds us. ..)

This famous guy who lied about his company in the 2000s and who sees Africa as his playground for testing on children and young women all these injections often called “vaccines” and, which have paralyzed many would be a saint according to the media to whom he generously pays millions… Simple chance again…

To make it brief, for the educated fool paradoxically, all this is just like a coincidence, he never questions what he has been taught…

Just like :

– Lockdown made legally possible in France in December 2019; again simple chance…

– Agnès Buzyn classifying hydroxychloroquine as a poisonous substance on list II in January 2020, then banned in May of the same year, while one of France’s greatest scientists Didier Raoult, Laureate of the Inserm grand prize in 2010 with a CV as long as your arm, screams that it allows to cure the virus but is dragged through the mud with other colleagues by the media and educated fool bottle-fed all their lives to the mainstream media. Chance again…

All those who are called dangerous extremists, anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, crazies, racists…etc the educated fool believes it because the mainstream media says so and he doesn’t want to be associated with it.

He will constantly ask for sources for everything he is told, without ever going to look for the information himself, and if they do not come from the mainstream media, he will categorically refute them proudly, arguing that they are frivolous theories, because his sources will forever remain those he has been given since he was a child, as being necessarily the right and only ones to consult. And the educated fool never questions what he has been taught since childhood… because this diligence and rigour in believing what he has always been taught that has earned him his professional and financial success.

So he will NEVER question what he has been taught.

That’s why ratting out the neighbour who is having a party for more than 6 people, enjoying the fact that he can go to dinner in peace with a segregationist pass and an experimental injection in his body, while his fellow man refused to be a guinea pig, is very well received by the educated fool because his favourite sources have told him that he is doing his job as an altruistic citizen, that he is defending the people at risk, whose bodies litter the ground in every country where the epidemic is raging… I actually stepped over at least 10 more corpses on my way to run before writing this article, it’s very hard… (Irony of course…)

Well yes, the mainstream that he trusts and that absolutely wants his good, despite all the scandals that surround those who hold them, are ready to divide and sow discord among crowds, families, friends, colleagues….etc… but all this of course for his good.

The idea that political parties are just a big charade and that the publicly opposed candidates are patting each other on the back, the better to divide the people, doesn’t bother him at all: he is very proud of hosting debates compared to the last so-called “intellectual” programme about the various political parties and thus feels all the more important.

Yes, the educated fool is totally locked into limiting beliefs but only he is unaware of this, because he has been told/teached that Western countries are free and live in a democracy.

He could be put on a leash or locked in a cage and still scream that France is a free country with a lot of freedom of speech. He will compare it to countries said to be under dictatorship without ever having set foot in them, but his “benevolent” media or history books whose words he has drunk have said so, so it is obviously true…

The educated fool can be a bit of a masochist, as long as he is convinced that it is for his own good.

He is informed about everything, even about pedocriminality, adrenochrome, chemtrails, the Haarp project, etc., which he nevertheless considers to be extremist and conspiracy theories because that’s what his well-groomed “mentors” in their suits say.

It is noticeable that the educated fool likes and dislikes this or that person depending on what the media writes or says butntream.

The educated fool generally develops over time a form of extreme condescension towards his fellow human beings who have not managed to climb the societal pyramid. The idea that he might be a perfect slave to the system he worships does not resonate with him. He knows everything better than everyone else and looks down on the small staff when he goes to a restaurant or hotel, for example.

He will, however, feign a certain amount of empathy for them at social occasions when he feels like the king of the world. He is a follower of the self-righteousness constantly propagated by the media and is mostly against any form of formatting.

He is all the more formatted by the system he believes in. He considers himself lucky to have grown up in a Western country because corruption in his Care Bear mind does not exist.

He doesn’t believe in the fact that all institutions, especially the judiciary, are corrupted by money and power, and says that it’s nonsense, because he learned when he was top of the class at school (ah yes, the famous factory of morons as the Marseilles teacher Jean-Paul Brighelli so aptly wrote in his 2005 book entitled “The Factory of Morons”) that this was only the case in poor countries like Africa.

He also declares himself to be open-minded, the famous open-mindedness simply attached to sex as it has been explained to him. I would like to correct the true definition as in my introduction page, because true open-mindedness has nothing to do with sex but to accept that what is outside our field of consciousness can be possible to exist.

In conclusion, the educated fool has become so condescending and prideful, that he will never admit to being wrong despite clear evidence before his eyes. He will never admit having been fooled and will still prefer to choke on his pride.

One historian had in fact studied the Soviet system and its management of the masses. Very often, foreign observers wondered how the communist system could hold together with its absurd, often contradictory orders and decrees, such as we have experienced in the last two years. It was only after the fall of the USSR that this historian discovered the secret: the absurd and even aberrant orders were not the result of bad management or an incapable bureaucracy. It was the result of a very thorough psychological study of crowds carried out by the communists. They found that humiliating people by making them obey absurd orders strengthened their obedience because they did not dare to disagree for fear of admitting that they had acted like fools before. By using people’s pride in this way, the communist system created an irreversible vicious circle.

So the system can go very far, simply because people prefer to save their faces rather than admit their stupidity.

I dedicate this article to two educated fools I met who thought I was a complete idiot, especially with my story with Jason, which they spitted back to my face when I was making posts related to this Covid charade.

According to them, I had already been fooled once and I was doing it again… (Namely, they had no idea of the real story I had lived. Their minds were too narrow, contrary to what they said, so I wasn’t likely to tell them).

I just want to answer them that I was once in my life in deep denial when the obvious truth was in front of my eyes, so I don’t want to be fooled a second time when I have all the truths that dazzle my eyes…

To one of the two who has been the most virulent towards me and a friend, especially concerning chemtrails, which were pure conspiracy theories according to him and my friend and I, big stupid conspiracy nuts, if he comes across this article, I kindly leave him here the order SND/351/2020 published by the Spanish government which recognises their existence in the Official State Gazette, very well sourced:

A thought to a beautiful soul, Claire Séverac (I admit I am very proud to have the same name), who gave her life in her fight to denounce them…

All educated fools should watch this common sense video of Christine Anderson, MEP and member of the Pfizer Inquiry Committee, warning about the new plans of the European Commission.
Extract from the press conference on 10/19/2022 in the European Parliament.

Speech of Christine Ferguson

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