In my introduction which follows the “about” page, I elaborate a little on what led me to write the articles in this site, and why I chose these three subjects: human trafficking, mind control, and spirituality.

It began with my personal story which I have related in my book.

The sociopath I speak about, my ex-lover and boyfiend, was the king of manipulation and gaslighting, but despite everything, I thank him because he opened my eyes to the realities of the world. Thanks to him I re-evaluated my life, and put my little existential concerns into perspective and above all, I realised that things don’t happen by chance.

Despite the fact that empathy, generosity, and altruism were fundamentally foreign concepts to him, I admit that he was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and I had many fascinating conversations with him.

He was a cultivated man who often anticipated the reactions of people, and knew perfectly well how the world works.

His mother had a high position in the US police force, his father and grandfather worked at the CIA (as well as running the whole of Hollywood for a while). My American ex grew up in the heart of “Pedowood” as he often called it, and he experienced all the vices that Hollywood had to offer.

He began telling me his story in 2017, and for two years, I heard tales that I found incredible.

His dear grandfather had the need to confide to him on his deathbed and tell him what had long been planned. The problem with Jason (I use the same name as in the book, but it is not his real name) was that when he told the truth, I thought he was lying or making things up, and when he told lies, I believed him.

Today, I can distinguish his truths from his lies and I realised he could not have predicted the dystopian and nightmarish situation that we live in, by accident. 

He was condescending towards the general public and he often referred to them as “fucking stupid blind sheep”. I found this exasperating but in 2020, I came to understand his contempt, even if I do not necessarily share his feeling. He often repeated that there was nothing easier than ‘manipulating the masses’.

All human emotion had been removed from him, thanks to the famous technique put in place by the organisation his grandfather worked for. That brings me to the second subject in this site: mind control.

I needed to understand the horrors I saw while I was with Jason.

I found myself reading the report about Marc Dutroux, the convicted Belgian serial killer, rapist and child molester. It was beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, it was so despicable. If I hadn’t seen for myself what Anneke Lucas and Regina Louf, child survivors of paedophile networks, described, I would probably have gone on my way and not continued my research. But I became obsessed, and the more I dug, the more I wanted to know and understand how one human being is capable of inflicting atrocities on another, often defenseless human being, especially children, and animals.

I spent many days and nights immersed in these inhuman atrocities and I became a kind of gravedigger on the internet.

All the testimonies I read related similar stories, and the same names came up often. I could not deny that these were ‘facts’ and not “fantasies” or “theories”. 

People in the institutions involved in these atrocities were often implicated in covering for each other, or they were being blackmailed: politicians, police, the justice system, the monarchy, the media, the entertainment industry, pseudo childcare associations (they were the champions), education, and even religious institutions. (Which is the height of hypocrisy.)

The men we know about like Jeffrey Epstein, Jean-Luc Brunel, Jimmy Savile, Prince Andrew, Harvey Weinstein… are just the tip of the iceberg. Jason told me a few stories about Weinsten. Jason was one of the kids they used to “take” to parties at Weinsten’s house.

Children have never been spoken about in connection with this monster, only women…

To everyone who reads this and thinks it might be impossible to read an article or watch a video on this site because it is “too hard”, I say that if you have arrived here, it is not a coincidence. I myself am a hypersensitive person, an emotional sponge absorbing everything. However, I have a mind of steel and I have learned to dissociate my mind when I read an article, watch a video, or simply when I talk about it.

Applying the three wise monkeys technique is not the solution, and it is precisely because the world prefers to ignore these horrors that they continue. 

NOTE: I will always warn you when an article or a video is really offensive. If you watch, I strongly recommend that you put your emotions aside.

To those who are skeptical about these subjects, it is time to break your taboos and limiting beliefs, and to be a little more open-minded… Our minds have been conditioned, and any open-mindedness is usually related to sex. Real open-mindedness allows us to think and see beyond everything that has been taught to us since childhood. We need to accept that what is beyond our field of consciousness can, and does, exist.

To those who think that I am crazy or a liar, I simply say that this is the easy way out when truths disturb, to prefer not to believe them or to laugh at them, because it is more comfortable to think that the person who exposes these things is crazy or tells lies.

Some journalists are paid millions by a small handful of billionaires to close their eyes, and by withholding information or by embellishing reality, they help to conceal the truth.

People have the illusion of a Utopian world. Fact-checking puts an end to this fairy-tale. As the brilliant lawyer Philippe Prigent said: “Fact-checking is simple, it’s like Pinocchio coming to give you lessons in honesty.”

Once again, if life had not shown me (and I am sometimes very angry for that) what certain beings are capable of in this world, I would certainly not hold this view, but I understand that many white-collar criminals have been in charge of the ship for a very long time.

The third section, on spirituality, provides balance to the other two, which can feel disturbing. However, I hesitated to include it because our minds have been trained to mock and discredit all forms of spirituality, ridiculing, all those who are interested in it as strange or even mentally ill.

But in these eschatological times, when the Earth is leaving the era of Kali Yuga (Age of Vice or Dark Age) to enter the era of Satya Yuga (Golden Age), it is difficult not to speak about the Earth’s vibrations; the Schumann resonance reached peaks recently, opening a window to humanity that has never been opened before.

When I was very young, I was interested in lithotherapy, cartomancy, planets, astrology, meditation, and today, I can spend hours in an esoteric shop looking for new books by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, or by Peter Deunov, two fascinating philosophers who have announced the “end of a world”.

I experienced a kind of spiritual trigger when I found myself in the middle of the sea in Bora-Bora, on a Polynesian’s boat. I write about this experience in my book.

I realised that the body is entirely connected to the spirit ; that we are ultimately energy in a vehicle, commonly called “physical body”, which we have to take care of. I also understand that sport provides an excellent emotional outlet.

I recommend yoga, pilates, running, or any other sport, after reading the articles here. This form of sports therapy greatly helped me to “heal” from this story, and from what I saw against my will.

In a world where we are dangerously normalising segregation, denunciation, targeted racism, and selective solidarity, this last part seems essential to me.

To those who come across this site by chance, and who previously followed my blog on aesthetics, this site seems more important to me so I have closed the old one. It is a long time since I published my first book « Institut de beauté, les coulisses. Et le Diable créa l’esthétique. » (Behind the scenes at the beauty salon. And the Devil created aesthetics.) In the book I relate anecdotes from my time as a beautician…

Cosmetics are still a passion for me, and, being dressed to the nines in a kind of obsessive way. But there are still a lot of preconceived ideas about personal aestethics, as if making your brain work and looking good cannot be compatible.

It is precisely to shake beliefs, to break down prejudices and because I am against brainwashing that I created this site.

We are ultimately a product of the society in which we are raised and therefore, 99% of our attitudes are formed by conditioning from birth.

The good news is that it is always possible to break the conditioning imposed by this sick society.

I am fully aware of the risks in tackling the most lucrative market in the world. After recently meeting my publisher in London, I almost gave up on everything. Just before leaving England, I went to Piccadilly Circus and sat there for about an hour watching the people. I told myself that it was a waste of time, too much mimicry, certainties anchored since childhood, and brains polluted by this new so-called “modern” society and its unbearable self-righteousness, in this world.

But I remembered what the publisher had said the day before: “We all have a mission in life. If this story happened to you, you wrote it, and you are willing to talk about it publicly, then you must. »

And the domino effect can be very powerful…

I dedicate this site to all those who have been, or are still victims of, any form of modern slavery or abuse, and I hope to awaken and sensitise some people to these horrors that are hardly ever spoken about.

I would particularly like to thank:

– Janet who reviewed my manuscript and who told me when I was afraid of the readers’ reaction: “Don’t worry, today’s conspiracy theories are very often tomorrow’s truths. »

She also helped actress Rose McGowan, the actress who initiated the #metoo movement. No coincidence…

It is also largely thanks to Janet that this book is being published as it was she who wrote a positive report after reading the manuscript.

– Pascal and JC, thank you so much for your help in setting up this site and for your precious advice.

– The English journalist Sally Beck, Chris, Bénédicte, Marine, Wani and Jocelyne, thank you very much for helping me with the English part.