Whether you came across this site by chance or you already knew about me, introducing myself seems essential. I especially need to explain why I decided to create this site.


I have been blogging for several years, however, this new site is much more important to me than the previous one given the current situation, and my personal history regarding the subjects discussed here. This new site is divided into three parts: human trafficking, mind control, and a lighter part, spirituality.


I could list a lot of information to describe my hobbies and my habits: reading, writing, meditating, playing a lot of sport –I am a snowboarding lover – maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, I have a pair of headphones permanently screwed in my ears playing loud music, especially when hanging out in crowded places or when writing, I am a real night owl, I live at 100 km/h, I’m  a perfectionist, and whiskey, brandy and champagne lover, and I love cooking and washing dishes to relax.


Although this is a full description,  I wanted to create a site about such sensitive topics.

In the introduction, I detail why I wanted to make this site, but more importantly, why I selected these three subjects.


A brief description: I helped for a year the journalist Richard Boutry (mainly on his social networks) and taught National Education in a vocational school for 10 years. For several years, I have been on availability leave and will not go back to teaching unless the system changes and stops locking students into convictions and certainties, under the guise of instructing them to instill in them the « best way » of thinking.

It was when an inspector declared (after I asked her why more and more theory was being removed from students’lessons, I was worrying about the reduction of school programms from year to year) : “We don’t care if the kids can’t read or write. All we ask of them is to be good performers! » that I decided to make a 90 degree turn. That same evening, I wrote a letter of resignation, before retracting myself and asking for my first year of availability for the following school year.

I was supposed to leave France in 2020 to go to Australia but had to drop this project for the reasons everyone knows… Today, I have a mission concerning a completely new job that will stop when another project, which I will talk about later, will see the light of day.

I am currently a bit of a “nomad” and I have spent my life these last few weeks with a suitcase because I am often on the move. Sometimes I feel I have to sit down, a bit like now. I am writing these lines, for example, from La Baule… a place I know well and like a lot.

I apologise in advance if I am clumsy in my remarks, but it is complicated and delicate to talk about these various subjects. I am rarely able to talk about them, except with people I trust like a few friends or my brother.


I often cite sources in the section on human trafficking such as Donde Vamos, Pedopolis, Wanted Pedo, and Team FSociety, they are mostly associations that fight against human trafficking and paedocriminality. I recognise the quality of their work but regret that most of them have never said why they are involved against the greatest scourge of this world.

I could be wrong, but when a subject as difficult and so off-putting as this one, touches us so much, it is because we have been confronted with it, either from our immediate vicinity, or from afar.

My book included my story will be published soon.

It is impossible for me to sum up the whole story in a few lines but it is this experience that led me to take a closer interest in the three subjects discussed in my site.

In the end, many people think they know my story, but they have no idea of the details. The first version I wrote was the truth watered down, because I feared being judged, before I finally decided to write what really happened. (There is a fictional part though.)

My social networks are at the top of the page but I rarely use my Facebook account these days. I feel like I am posting in a graveyard because of the lack of responsiveness to the topics I discuss here. I would also like to stress that my Instagram account is censored because of posts that go against the ‘accepted narrative’ that they try to impose on us. I deactivated my account because the latest thing at Instagram, is not to delete accounts that go against the narrative but to shadowban them,so as to censor them that way.


This means I lose a lot of contacts everyday; followers find themselves unsubscribed without warning. I can no longer be mentioned, my stories appear last in the queue, and my publications no longer appear in the home page. I will try to sort out my old posts but I doubt that it will ever gain back the visibility it used to have.

Censorship began after the publication of a video related to the death of the Austrian chemist, Andreas Noack, who had warned about the dangers of the experimental product that almost the whole planet was forced to take; who injected it into their bodies often underduress.


The one publication which terminated who “complete” my account is the one about  the Belgian deputy Laurent Louis who explained how the little girls, Julie and Mélissa, really died in the Dutroux case. (I will write an article on this subject… Laurent Louis is supposed to help me on this case, we’ll call each other soon as he has followed the case closely.)

This censorship is for our own good apparently… or rather the truth is sometimes better left unsaid…

The network where I ammost active is VK, but the account is full, I can’t accept new contacts anymore, you can only follow me.

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