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The mainstream media, a real weapon of war

This article in the category related to mind control seems essential to me as a first article, because the media is the most powerful conditioning tool in the world.

“We now live in a country in which journalists suck more cocks than prostitutes.”
Blanche Gardin, French comedian.

“80% of today’s media manufacture opinion. Any opinion other than neoliberal thinking is considered conspiracy, extravagant…etc”
Aude Lancelin, Former deputy editor of OBS and Marianne.

I am simply repeating what is currently written on Wikipedia, also adding a screenshot as the writings in the pages on Wikipedia sometimes change.

“In journalism, mainstream media (MSM) is a term and abbreviation used to refer collectively to the various large mass news media that influence many people and both reflect and shape prevailing currents of thought. The term is used to contrast with alternative media.

The term is often used for large news conglomerates, including newspapers and broadcast media, that underwent successive mergers in many countries. The concentration of media ownership has raised concerns of a homogenization of viewpoints presented to news consumers. Consequently, the term mainstream media has been used in conversation and the blogosphere, sometimes in oppositional, pejorative or dismissive senses, in discussion of the mass media and media bias. “

When you read this, you really have to ask yourself : “Who are we kidding? “

It’s written in black and white that the mainstream media format our minds, influence our opinions towards a dominant thought. And as soon as we have the misfortune to hold a different opinion from theirs, we get a flood of insults thrown in our face and censored.

It’s crazy when you think about it: they don’t ask for our opinion, we are the ones who keep them in business and we pay them to be insulted, infantilised and despised if we dare to think for ourselves.

The most common insults are often used out of context to discredit anyone who disagrees with media information: conspiracy theorist, far-right supporter, fanatic, obscurantist, irresponsible, public danger, asshole, imbecile, crazy, madman, selfish, idiot, racist, anti-Semitic, bad citizen (the French president who thinks he’s a monarch has bluntly said he wants to piss us off and that we are no longer citizens in a very disturbing sort of apathy… a bit like the McKinsey scandal which should have led to his immediate dismissal and prevented him from standing for re-election).

Several personalities of foreign origin did not escape the term racist and extreme right-wing, which makes no sense whatsoever.

The golden palm goes to the term “antivax”, the craziest and most ridiculous of all when one is aware that the whole lie is based on it: this product is not a vaccine but a gene therapy still in the experimental phase.

When you know that a pregnant woman is not even allowed to take a simple pill for a headache, but that many of them have been forced to inject an experimental product with totally unknown medium and long-term effects.

A real vaccine confers immunity and does not allow the virus to be transmitted, which is absolutely not the case. Let’s be nice and say it’s useless… knowing that the definition has been miraculously changed since…

But to say that a person is anti-vaccine is just as extreme, radical and illogical as concluding that a person who doesn’t eat carrots doesn’t like all other vegetables.

One can be sceptical about one vaccine but not necessarily about all of the others… especially since at one point, even those injected (depending on the number of doses) were considered “non-vaccinated”.

The decisions related to the Covid will still have had the merit of making us laugh at times, as it was so close to the ridiculous.

In any case, as I often say in jest, even if I put all my exes in the same room, I will never receive as many insults as those uttered by the media against me for over two years. Not to mention the fear they have engendered in many, there is not an ounce of goodwill when so much terror is distilled.

The media meltdown is also written on Wikipedia… the famous media that is owned by a small handful of globalist billionaires who tell us who to like, who to dislike, what to think on a daily basis. I write it again in this article but it is important to know that Emmanuel Macron is the French president who has paid the most money to the media. It is HIS media, as I pointed out last April in this video in which I also talked about the great censorship my Instagram account is undergoing.

I analyse more and more the articles I read from the mainstream media and I realise how they constantly defend Macron, try to make him look nice and it’s exactly the same with all the personalities who have an interest in being made to look nice.

Concerning Brigitte Macron, I was recently hallucinated by the terms used in an article: known for her elegance and sophisticated style, she is a sensation, a fashionista, chic…etc

I would like to point out that Brigitte, apart from the media to whom she and her husband pay millions, nobody says she is elegant…

It is said that one never bites the hand of the one who feeds us, and the media have understood this perfectly, otherwise it is straight into unemployment. The profession of investigative journalism has been consigned to the dustbin of history, and has been replaced by that of a simple TV presenter who sends out information dictated by a small number of technocrats, via a prompter. Journalists who wished to keep their ethics in France, such as Richard Boutry, Karl Zéro, Elise Lucet (who made the report “Child rape: the end of silence“, an article I wrote here) have paid the price.

The media have often lashed out at them and yet they are their colleagues…

They usually destroy anyone who opposes or poses a danger to the famous 2030 agenda. I won’t go into more detail on this subject, as so many sources are circulating about this deadly agenda. You have to be worse than blind or in denial not to know about it.

Eminent scientists, lawyers, historians, writers, politicians, artists…etc who were once applauded and erected like gods on a pedestal, were overnight brought low to the ground with all the insults mentioned above and many brains washed out by their favourite “news” channels dove head first and followed this hate movement.

I’m not a big supporter of Donald Trump but it’s a fact that there have been no wars under his tenure and he’s the only one who has considered human trafficking a real crime against humanity to be exterminated. The same cannot be said of Barack Obama, who dropped a bomb every 20 minutes on average during his 8 years in office, and Joe Biden, who took up the torch of war, not to mention the theories that circulate about them, linked to the trafficking and sacrifices of children…

Globally, Obama is however extremely appreciated… the media having done their job exceptionally well to shape public opinion, so much so, that no one can ever say anything negative about Obama without be decimated.

As for Trump, this is an exorcism that many people could use…

But the media’s new pet peeve to be slaughtered is currently much further east in this world.

I will pass on the clickbait articles whose titles are often alarmist. The Italian film “Cannibal Holocaust”, which I never wanted to see because it is so gory and really features the torture and murder of animals (although I know the concept and the story), shows the darkness of this journalistic world that is ready to do anything to expose sensational content to the public. Beware, however, that I am not throwing the stone at all journalists, as some are also tricked or manipulated…

Let’s go back to the famous term “conspiracy theorist”: when a person stupidly uses this word that means absolutely nothing. He or she generally has no argument and it just allows him or her to close a debate that he or she would have been incapable of holding.

I also notice that those who use this stupid word are usually very gullible, unable to think for themselves, fed with television and mainstream media since childhood, with an open mind close to nothing and a mind so conditioned that they become condescending, mean, have sunk into a deep denial and could end up choking on their pride.

The educated fool to whom I have devoted an entire article (read it here) is the most fond of this ridiculous term.

There is no more conspiracy theorist than the anti-conspiracy theorist.

In the programme “Infrarouge” (Swiss channel RTS) in 2021, the neuroscientist Sebastian Dieguez almost gave me a heart attack because I was so hallucinated when I listened to him: “The conspiracists don’t want to be dictated to any more, so he’s going to do some research by himself, he wants to think by himself, he wants to see by himself. You can’t think for yourself. This is an idea that has been demolished at least since Kant, it doesn’t make sense.”

No comment, so absurd is his speech.

Instead of locking up dissenting voices in a psychiatric hospital, this man should be put there.

Now, when I come across someone who wants to debate or use this word, it’s simple, I ask him three questions:

“Have you ever read those books “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Covid 19: The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the Davos Forum? “

“Have you ever seen what is written on the official website of the World Economic Forum and what the agenda includes? “

“Do you find it benevolent that a government divides and spreads so much hatred, insults, fear and division among the people (families, friends, colleagues) it claims to protect? “

They always answer no to all these questions… In a society that has become intellectually lazy, it’s tiring to do research and much easier to press the button on a remote control and above all, much more comfortable for the mind to think that those who govern us want our good.

So I usually say to them, “Well, you do all that and then we’ll have a good debate.”

None of them ever came back to me…

A friend of mine recently told me that what allowed her to see that there was something abnormal was the fact that all the channels were saying the same thing to the point.

As for me, it’s simple, I don’t watch much television, which is a real conditioning tool to make us docile and ignorant. I use it mainly to connect my computer cable to it and thus have a bigger screen.

A thought for the British journalist Charlie Brooker whose work I admire on the satirical anthology series he produced on this subject: “Black Mirror”, the title referring directly to the black screens that surround us with their harmful influence (especially the new technology that ends up destroying human relationships).

He has also described perfectly the dystopian and nightmarish world that is underway and planned for the future.

When you open up your field of vision, you quickly realize that it is the media that is running the show in this world.

They have done nothing but divide us more and more and they are the real virus of this world, so much so that they perpetuate evil and misinformation as well as withholding information.

The fact-checking invented since then (2008 first fact-checking of the newspaper “Le Monde” in France) has made it possible to channel those who might eventually start to ask questions. It helps to insist on the way one should think and we always find in the title “False” or “No, so-and-so didn’t say that”…etc in addition to extremely pejorative words like “small”, “shabby”, “miserable”, “conspiracy sphere” and all the other insults already mentioned above when it is necessary to ridicule a situation or a person and to discredit them.

The educated fool will systematically and proudly use fact-checking as a formidable weapon.

And often, when one reads them in their entirety, one comes to the same conclusions as the so-called ‘conspiracists’, only they have created confusion in the mind in order to put the reader in cognitive dissonance.

Only, as I quoted in the introduction to the site, the brilliant French lawyer Philippe Prigent said: “Fact-checking is simple: it’s like Pinocchio coming to give you lessons in honesty.”

He said he realised at that moment that the media was misinforming us more than informing us.

These government watchdogs have only normalised the unforgivable: segregation, insults all day long, targeted racism, selective solidarity as with Ukraine, when that country has been at war since 2014 and there are unfortunately more than 20 countries currently at war causing deaths every day… except… the media doesn’t talk about it so, many people don’t care.

Tattling has also become a fashionable concept, made sympathetic by the media who congratulate the tattlers and make them heroes. In Switzerland, a number has just been set up to denounce one’s neighbour if he heats his house to more than 19°C with a prize of CHF 200.00..

For two years I have been writing on various networks that when Covid runs out of steam, the climate card will be brandished at us. We are in the middle of it. By the way, the climate sham that is spear-headed by Greta Thunberg, the angry instrumentalized child, was also a topic I wrote about in this article.

The mainstream has also been very strong in making the French believe that we are still in a free country, while day after day, I see new iniquitous and liberticide laws, passed at night in an empty room. They have never shouted so much the word “democracy” which is only a vast masquerade, just like freedom of expression, when we see the awful censorship everywhere.

In short, our beloved mainstream media have perfectly known how to employ the 9 greatest manipulations of the masses and without them, this Covid affair with all its resulting laws and liberticidal measures could never have happened.

1.         Distract and divert attention;

2.         Create problems, then offer a solution;

3.         Appeal to the emotional rather than the reflective;

4.         Replace rebellion with guilt;

5.         Deferring information to lose coherence;

6.         Addressing the public as if they were infants;

7.         Keeping the public in ignorance and stupidity;

8.         Encouraging the public to wallow in mediocrity;

9.         To know individuals better than they know themselves.

All of these have been applied without exception…

What we are experiencing is nothing less than a coupling of Milgram’s and Asch’s experiments on a global scale.

For those who do not know :

Milgram: The Milgram experiment was an electroshock experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram in the early 1960s, which tested people’s willingness to send electric shocks to others on the instruction of an authority figure.

The conclusion: 65% of the participants would be willing to kill someone if an authority figure told them to do it.

Asch: The Asch experiments are a series of experiments conducted by Salomon Asch in the 1950s that tested the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could make a person conform.

Conclusion: people were willing to ignore reality in order to conform to the group.

The shock strategy also described by the Canadian journalist and filmmaker Naomi Klein, we are in the middle of it. But for those who despair of the situation and this world based on a web of lies that has put a large part of the population in cognitive dissonance, dangerously reminiscent of the film “The Truman Show”, the part of the site on spirituality I hope will give them hope and confidence in life. Today’s pseudo-journalists have a lot to worry about…

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