You are currently viewing Elizabeth II behind the scenes of the English monarchy

Elizabeth II behind the scenes of the English monarchy

I decided to write this short article about the English Royalty because as the 8th of September marks the disappearance of Queen Elisabeth II and it is a subject that is currently in the news.

I won’t give my personal opinion in the video I’m going to publish here, as everyone has to make their own opinion.

I will simply repeat a few lines from a recent interview with the French essayist, doctor of political science and specialist in globalism, Pierre Hillard. I have a deep admiration for this man who has a culture linked to the history of the world that is absolutely amazing. I marvel like a 5 year old child every time I listen to him because he is so fascinating and passionate himself (although I have always had a real aversion to History as it was taught to us at school).

For the record, one day one of my students was leaving class with a colleague, a teacher of literature-history-geography, who got annoyed and said to me: “Madam, it’s scandalous, we have absolutely no right to debate in class when we are taught anything about history. Most of the content we are taught is wrong, it’s formatting and we are not allowed to say anything, not allowed to think, not allowed to give our opinion!”

I remember smiling and saying to her, “You, you’ll go far.”

I would like to point out that my colleague agreed with what the student said but said to me: “What do you want me to do? I have no choice but to do my programme.” This colleague went on to retrain a few years later.

Pierre Hillard, author of the book “From the Origins of Globalism to the Great Reset” about Elisabeth Windsor, whose real name is “Elisabeth of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”, came from a German family created to weave a network of allied European monarchies in the wake of the 1815 Treaty of Vienna.

“The death of the Queen leads to dithyrambic comments such as “wonderful”, “fantastic”…etc

There is a profound ignorance of English royalty, its origins, its links with Masonry, its links with Judaism and the occult background. There is the falbala side, the appearances, the brilliance of the British monarchy which indeed makes hearts tremble but it is the poison which is coated in a fruit which has all the appearances of a good fruit, but which is in fact poisoned. And the French people have not understood the harmfulness of British royalty against French interests, whether spiritual or political. Whether it was during the old regime and then since 1789 until today, when the Republic is only a dependency of England and its politics. When we see the 3rd, 4th or 5th Republic, the English elites are delighted to have a republican France.”

Before I share the link to the video, I simply recall three proven facts:

– Prince Charles, now King Charles III was a great friend of known paedocriminal Jimmy Savile (souvenir pictures below).

– King Charles III has in the past donated huge sums of money to the foundation of paedocriminal Jeffrey Epstein.

– King Charles III advanced £7 million to his younger brother, Prince Andrew, out of a £12 million settlement he was to pay to Virginia Giuffre’s charity, which accused him of raping her and withdrew its complaint, following this financial arrangement.

Video of the British Royal Family

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