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The film-maker Olivier Marchal, link to my own history

I was invited by Richard Boutry on his show “La Une TV” in October 2021, together with Karl Zéro (a French journalist), who has been denouncing human trafficking for more than 20 years, and the lawyer, writer and geopolitologist Morad El Hattab, whose children are victims of this traffick and that he also denounces.

In 2020, I had a long phone conversation with Gérard Fauré, the former drug dealer for the whole of Paris (celebrities and political leaders, including several former presidents) and author of the book “Dealer du Tout-Paris”. He told me that his father was a “lawless crook” like him in the past, in his own words. He was a doctor in charge of “healing and stitching up” the wounds of surviving children. His words are his own, but he also told me that he had witnessed many scenes, such as drugs being transported in the bodies of babies, extremely sadistic paedocriminal acts, such as the King of Morocco (he cited several other royal families) who had savagely raped a small boy in front of him while whipping him.

According to him, all the years he spent in prison made him think and reflect on his past and that is why he decided to denounce what he saw in books and interviews, like a sort of redemption. He spoke at length about “the French Jeffrey Epstein” who is a beloved actor.

A thought also for the author of the extremely well-sourced blog “Donde Vamos”, a former mainstream journalist, who was disgusted by the system, especially the lies. She preferred to distance herself from it and denounce this global scourge anonymously. 

A thought also for this man whose life was placed on my path. His story has many similarities with mine. His American ex-wife is a former victim of the networks, who later became an executioner. She is the right-hand man, particularly in Europe, of a man whose story made a big splash in 2016, involving a former president and a presidential candidate in the United States.

The former president is extremely popular in the US because he has been praised by the media, namely because of his skin colour that has been highlighted as a breakthrough against racism.

Yet, in reality, a bomb was dropped every 20 minutes on Arabic countries during his 8-year mandate. His hands are just as covered in the blood of innocents as his predecessors. But because he has a friendly face and the media showered him with praise, he is adored by many people who only see what they want to see…

US TV host Joan Rivers called out his lies in 2014 when she told a reporter on the street : “But you know very well that Barack Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is a transgender. Everybody knows that.”

She would die two months later following a cardiac arrest duringa a surgery…

The video in which she makes these statements:

I go back to the case from 2016 which was classified as a “conspiracy theory”, on the grounds that there was no basement in the pizzeria.

Edgar Maddison Welch, an American who wanted “to save the children”, is said to have gone there the same year, armed with an assault rifle and found no evidence and no basement…

Ok… so I’m dropping off an interview with the owner of the restaurant here who said in 2015, “We harvest a whole crop of organic tomatoes – 10 tons of tomatoes every year. Can them all, store them in the BASEMENT, have like a harvest party when it gets loaded in.”

This story about Edgar Maddison Welch filming himself just before he went to “save the children” is absolutely preposterous but as former French President Jacques Chirac used to say : “The bigger the better”. As a gravedigger of the Net, as I said in my introduction, I have found nothing on this man, as if he had never existed, knowing that everything is easily found in the US.

I won’t go on about this case, as there are so many sources on this subject, the pictures being always available on the Net with the awful captions about the children.

I just invite any reader of my writings to find out about the so-called “organic tomato sauce” cited by James Alefantis regarding adrenochome, this so-called conspiracy theory…

The media would be able to label monsters such as Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey (founder of the Church of Satan), or Michael Aquino (founder of the Temple of Set) as mere legends… yet their numerous connections with so-called high society people are no longer to be demonstrated, nor their sadistic acts.

Thanks to Julian Assange for having made this public in 2011, on WikiLeaks which he founded in 2006. His courage as a journalist has led to his imprisonment in the UK since 2019, while the white-collar criminals he exposed with evidence continue to act with impunity, enjoying their power and material wealth.

A thought also for the whistle-blower Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee, who denounces these same criminals and who revealed the existence of several mass surveillance programmes.

The man I sympathised with, whose ex-wife is still in these horrible networks, is one of the few people I can freely talk to about what I have also seen and I really want to thank him because I know he reads every word I write here because he is also touched by this subject.

This short video by French film-maker Olivier Marchal is poignant and speaks to me a lot, because it perfectly sums up my daily life too. He is a former police officer who has been confronted with pedocriminality while performing autopsies and is somehow haunted by the images he has seen. I can confirm that when you have seen children martyred while being completely helpless, in particular for me a baby who was not even 6 months old, tortured and raped, you can no longer see life in the same way as before and it is impossible to forget these images which remain in your memory. 

This is why I wanted to create this website, which I consider as my diary that I accept to make public. Before 2020, I went through a kind of desert crossing where I felt very alone, because I couldn’t talk about it to anyone, without being afraid of being seen as a madwoman or a liar. Sometimes I tried with friends, colleagues or family members but I felt that there was a blockage, so I gave up.

Sport, as I explained in the introduction, has also been and still is an excellent outlet that has kept me from sinking into depression, alcohol or other drugs.

The video of Olivier Marchal dates from 10 years ago in Laurent Baffie’s show “17ème sans ascenseur.”

Vidéo of Olivier Marchal

We often talk about rape but never about real forced abominable acts. The aim is not to shock or disgust the readers, but beyond the rapes, it is necessary to know that there is a real form of sadism mixing cannibalism, zoophilia, scatophilia, ritual abuse and torture beyond any imagination in terms of barbarity on children. I will refer to many of them in my articles here because I know that it is very difficult for them to express themselves without being taken for madmen or liars, especially when they accuse people who occupy so-called “important” places in society.

As I often say, those who refuse to believe that it exists or say they don’t want to hear about it are somehow complicit in these barbaric acts.

I would like to draw a parallel with tourists who proudly post their holiday photos on social networks, smiling next to or on top of animals that have been tortured without them knowing it. They often enjoy the animals but are not aware of their real conditions. I will only mention a few examples, as the list is so long.

– Lion cubs that can be bottle-fed…

Reality: very often, the milk is of poor quality, unsuitable, or even out of date, and the tourists are chained together to force-feed them. A good half of them end up choking in their own vomit…

– Dromedaries, camels, horses…etc on which one can ride…

Reality: the load is often far too heavy for them and the animals suffer. They are sometimes underfed and you can sometimes see the thongs on their sides.

– Elephants that can also be climbed on…

Reality: the Phajaan technique sums it all up: elephant training by annihilation or crushing is a method of making wild elephants docile, by keeping them in cages and using corporal punishment and abuse. They are forces of nature that cannot be tamed by any other means. About 50% do not survive as babies. There are pictures circulating of guides/trainers using a bullhook (ice pick) on their most sensitive areas, while the tourists are on the back of the elephant, so that they do not rebel and as a reminder.

For those who want to know more, but sensitive souls, ABSTAIN:

I made a link to these facts because every human being must remember and be aware that reality is not always what we perceive.

I will take up four interesting quotes about reality:

“We create our own reality by the way we choose to perceive the outside world. » Elliot Perlman

“The unaware person lives in his world, the aware person lives in the world. » Andrew Cohen.

“The central thesis is that we never perceive the world in its reality, but we perceive the world as we have learned it. »  F.P. Kilpatrick

And I end with Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, for whom I have a special affection:

“Humans are in the habit of making judgements about beings and things according to appearances, and they imagine that this knowledge is sufficient. But no, that is why, for the majority of them, existence appears monotonous and empty: they have such a narrow and superficial understanding of reality. »

I spoke about two years ago with Malians who had grown up in Mali who explained that it was common, even normal in many African countries to “buy a child before our eyes”. They were hallucinating about the naive worldview of Westerners and I was shocked to see how aware they were of what was going on but at the same time, they seemed disconnected, because they were powerless.

Unfortunately, everything is cleverly orchestrated so that people don’t ask themselves questions, as the Marseille-based teacher and essayist Jean-Paul Brighelli explains so well in his book “La fabrique du crétin: la mort programmée de l’école” (The factory of the cretin: the programmed death of the school).

 10% of supervision is enough to manipulate, make people consume and remove all critical thinking.

In a society where ignorance and laziness in the search for information are predominant, these horrors do exist, but only those who look into this type of subject can see that they are not simply “theories”.

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