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The numbers of shame

This image alone perfectly sums up human trafficking and the general indifference to this scourge.

And yet, human trafficking in all its forms remains to this day the most lucrative market and the greatest scourge of this world.

The victims can be adult women or men, but also children, sometimes very young, because they are more docile. It is clearly the latter that motivated me to make this site, because they are the most innocent beings on this Earth, along with animals (I will also talk about them in articles, because they are involved in these networks too).

Pedocriminality, which means “sexual crime against children”, is the term used for the latter.

In this section I will systematically use this word, which only leaves room for the crime committed, and not “paedophilia”, which includes a notion of love towards children.

It should be noted that the word ‘paedocriminality’ has not yet entered common parlance, although it is more appropriate to use it in the context of sexual abuse of children.

Contemporary slavery is estimated to affect 40 million people worldwide, including several million sex slaves. These figures do not include victims of organ trafficking or child soldiers. According to official figures, 70% of victims are women and 25% are children.

Most of them are children who have disappeared. However, the children who end up in these traffics are often undeclared or are children of migrants. These figures are therefore far below the reality.

To give an idea of the scale of the problem, here are the figures for disappearance and survival in pedophile networks. Team FSociety who made this video is one of the organisations I have the deepest respect for and admire the work they do. Unfortunately, they were extremely threatened, including their relatives, so they had to give up the fight one by one. Their website has been closed down as well as their various channels. I hope to contribute to the colossal work they have done by sharing their censored videos…

This is my way of picking up the torch.

I want to make it clear, as in my “Introduction” page, that all institutions are involved and often covering up for each other or being blackmailed.

Video of Figures for pedocriminality Team Fsociety

250,000 children go missing every year in the European Union alone, one child every two
minutes according to the European Commission.

This high number includes parental abductions, runaways, criminal abductions and
unaccompanied migrant minors.

Between 2 and 5% of missing children cases involve a third party in criminal abductions
according to the annual report of “Missing Children Europe”,
published in 2014.

According to the same report, runaways account for more than 50% of missing children
cases reported to the European emergency number 116 000.

In Great Britain, out of 61 million inhabitants, an estimated 140,000 children go
missing every year.

In Belgium, out of 10.5 million inhabitants, In Belgium Child Focus opens four new
cases a day.

In the United States, 466,949 minor children were reported missing in 2014.

Some serious associations and whistle-blowers who denounce these traffics, such as
Wanted Pedo, Pedopolis, Team FSociety, Morad El Hattab, Karl
Zéro, Marion Sigaut…etc, accuse many members of the child welfare services,
politics, Justice, the police, Education, the arts, sports, fashion, entertainment industries,
royal families…etc, of actively participating in these traffics or of
covering them up at the very least. Many of them are threatened or blackmailed to cover
up for each other or to save their own skin. Many survivors also testify. And
that is the whole objective of this section: to shed light on the scourge of
human trafficking, through sourced documents, testimonies, videos and articles
in particular. Unfortunately, I cannot rely on the testimonies of my
ex-partner, which are very complete on this subject, because these
conversations were private and often oral.

Human trafficking is particularly alarming, but it is gradually coming to the
forefront, especially in recent months and will certainly explode in those to
come. There is a great deal of denial, because it is both unpleasant and
terrible, but it is by communicating and sharing all this information that we
will be able to stop it. If they were fully aware of it, people around the
world would never tolerate all these crimes and those who commit them, who are
often in charge of the « ship ». In this information war, we
therefore have an important role to play in disseminating information and also
in supporting those who have been fighting against the networks for so

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